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Level A2

10 chapter workbook: The secret parcel mission

We have created this workbook for students at an A2

level, but could be used with A1 and B1 level students. It focuses on

grammar, vocabulary, and the four language skills, and it has been

designed to make lessons more interesting and engaging, as each chapter

builds on a story that students are part of.The teacher’s resource contains lesson plans to accompany each chapter, as well as the listening scripts and additional materials.

introductions and hobbies a2 image

Introductions and Hobbies

daily routines and plans a2 image

Daily Routines and Plans

Descriptions and Comparisons

food and buying groceries a2 image

Food and Buying Groceries

clothes and going shopping a2 image

Clothes and Going Shopping

going to the doctors a2 image

Going to the Doctors

possessive and reflexive pronouns a2 image

Possessive Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns

prepositions of place and the house a2 image

Prepositions of Place and the House

Prepositions of Time

Using a Computer

Looking for a Job

Looking for a Job 2

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